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Never miss an important call again!

Telesec offers Intelligent Communications and friendly customer service representatives. With Telesec working for you, we’ll always be there to answer your calls 24/7 and handle them according to your instructions. Let us be the first voice your callers will hear while you are away from the phones.

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Why Choose Telesec?

Telesec representatives always answer your calls,
we never outsource to another facility or country

All of our representatives work in our office environment,
we do not work from home

Telesec is a hands-on, owner-operated company,
ensuring you the best possible care

We're here 24/7 to answer your calls,
we never leave the phone lines unoccupied

How Telesec Works

How Telesec Works: Your client calls your phone number, which is forwarded to the Telesec office in Yuma City, CA.  Our remote receptionists and live operators answer the call, and patch the call to you, or take a message if you are unavailable.