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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a few of the most frequently asked questions regarding our service.  If you have other questions that are not outlined below or you would like further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Where are your operators located?
All of our operators are located locally in our facility in Yuba City, California.
Do you charge an extra holiday fee to pay for overtime in months with major holidays?
No! Many of our competitors use this deceptive tactic to make their services look more reasonable than they really are. You'll never be charged any holiday or other hidden fees with Telesec; your bill will always be in the amount you expect it to be.
Can you directly patch callers to me?
Of course! With our flexible plans, we're able to accommodate many different action plans when receive calls, including directly patching the caller to you when you're available. Please note that there is an extra fee for call patching, which can be found on our rates & plans page.
What fees will I have to pay?
The only fees you will have to pay are your monthly plan fee, which you can choose when you sign up, and the fee to transmit messages to you, whether it is a live patch or a message delivered by e-mail, fax, or another means. These fees are outlined on our rates & plans page. We have no other hidden fees. That means NO setup fees, NO holiday fees, and NO maintenance fees.
What hours are your phone lines staffed by live operators?
Our phone lines are staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. We're always here so you don't have to worry about a missed call.
No setup fees, no holiday fees, no maintenance fees, no hidden fees!